Welcome to our wiki. In this space, you will learn a little bit more about the exceptionality Asperger's Syndrome (AS). You will learn what it is, its characteristics, how it is diagnosed, what we learned from people with AS, implications for teaching and learning, various instructional strategies that work well with AS children, and organizations and contacts (both educational and non-educational) where you can learn even more. We have also included an annotated bibliography of resources we found worthwhile for educators to refer to.


Brandee Calder, Kari Krug, Tiffany Czerwonka, and Angele Delorme

Why Me? (p. 2)
One foot in and one foot out is
what Asperger's is all about.
Sometimes I think why me;
Other times I think it is the best
way to be.
A little different from the rest...
Make you think you're second
Nobody quite understanding
A hard life which is very
I look like any other child
But little things just make me wild.